About Chosen Musicians

We believe MUSIC must have a positive IMPACT on the CULTURE

A.D. Johnson is the founder of Chosen Musicians that offers a creative business approach including creative sync licensing, music supervision, soundtracks, film score, custom music requests and film productions with a focus on stories about music.


A.D. previously was Head of Creative Sync Licensing at SoundCloud where he pitched and marketed music for sync placement opportunities to clients in Film/TV, advertising, gaming, sports, trailers, promos, tech and corporate. Also, he provided A&R services to discover new artists to be added to the sync roster and built out a production music library.


Prior to SoundCloud, he was on the Def Jam|Republic|Island|Verve sync licensing team and Music Licensing Executive for the production music library, Universal Production Music via Universal Music Group. During his tenure at UMG, A.D. sat on the board of UMG Black Label ERG as the programming co-chair and helped create and facilitate UMG's first mentorship program in the company’s history.


More recently, A.D. was accepted as part of the inaugural Warner Bros. Discovery Access Music Supervisor Program Cohort.


A.D. has a strong passion for MUSIC and is devoted to making an IMPACT on the CULTURE.

Our Core Values

MUSIC.: We promise to make authentic music at the highest level.

IMPACT.: We embrace our responsibility to influence the next generation of musicians.

CULTURE.: We are devoted to the movement.